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Irwin Mitchell Scotland Help to Unlock Brain Mysteries

Lawyers Working With The Brain Detectives


Irwin Mitchell Scotland have been working with family support group, The Brain Detectives in educating young children whose families are affected by brain injuries.  The aim of the group is to help unlock some of the mysteries behind brain injuries and the Irwin Mitchell Scotland team have been lending invaluable assistance through providing resources to pull together an information pack.

Volunteers give their time to run the days which take place three times a year, and come from a wide range of backgrounds in the brain injury field.

The children who attend the days are given books, puzzles and games related to brain injury to take away with them, and take part in a number of activities which look at some of the difficulties following a brain injury such as memory and physical impairments.

Elaine Russell, partner and serious injury specialist at Irwin Mitchell Scotland, said: “Brain injury is known as a family affair as it impacts on the whole family, however sometimes the children and their needs are overlooked.

“The aim of the group is to provide children with age-related information about brain injury and its impact in a fun and friendly environment. It also hopes to highlight that they are not alone in their experience. We were delighted to be able to help this important service.”

For any further information about the Brain Detectives, please contact Neliss Baxter on 0131 537 9075 or neliss.baxter@luht.scot.nhs.uk