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Asbestos Victim In Search For Ex-Colleagues Following Diagnosis

Appeal For Help In Battle For Justice


A retired Devon carpenter, who has been given the devastating news that he is suffering from an aggressive cancer linked to exposure to asbestos, is trying to track down former colleagues to help him in his legal battle to gain justice.

Ronald Dunk (72) from Torquay in Devon received the heartbreaking diagnosis that he had contracted the condition mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the chest, earlier this year.

He believes the cancer was caused by exposure to asbestos throughout his working life working in the construction industry. Mr Dunk has now instructed Helen Grady, an industrial illness specialist at Irwin Mitchell solicitors, to help with his battle for answers.

Mr Dunk worked for Globe R B Limited on two occasions between 1998 and 2001 working mainly on conversions. He said: “I was working in Teignmouth and remember having to strip off a large asbestos roof at a local bakery. I did this job with my two sons Brian and Ronnie and it took us about a week.

“I recall pulling the nails out first and then ripping off the corrugated sheets, it was a very dusty job. I was never warned about the dangers of the dust and was not supplied with proper respiratory equipment or overalls for the job. I had no idea of the extent of the dangers of inhaling asbestos dust.”

Now, he and his family are all trying to come to terms with the shocking news that he has an aggressive cancer linked to asbestos exposure.

Mr Dunk said: “When I was told about my diagnosis my wife, Marion and I were devastated. We have four children and three grandchildren, ages between 12 -14. I did so much with my family in terms of help and support and in view of my good health had hoped to be in a position to do this for many years to come.

“I used to come home from work with dust on my clothes and in my hair but I had no idea how serious this would end up being. 

“My symptoms first appeared around April 2011 when I started to suffer from breathlessness. I chose not to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  I now suffer from severe breathlessness and am waiting for the Macmillan nurses to come to see me as they may have some support in terms of breathing exercises.

“I do hope that what happened to me serves as a warning to other workers and, in particular employers; that health and safety regulations are there for a reason and should never be ignored.”

Helen Grady, from the Bristol office of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, who is representing Mr Dunk in his legal battle for justice explained: “In the 1960s and 70s employers knew of the risks associated with asbestos and the dangers of inhaling the lethal fibres.

“From the 1980s there have been very strict Regulations in force about how asbestos should be handled because it is such a dangerous material and exposure to very small concentrations can be potentially fatal.

“Mesothelioma is an asbestos related cancer for which there is sadly no cure. Although it can take many years from exposure to onset of the illness, once diagnosed it can be very aggressive and debilitating.

“In order to help Mr Dunk conclude his fight for justice, I am particularly keen to hear from workers from Globe R B Limited as they may have key information about the presence of asbestos and working practices at this company.”

Anyone who can help with any information is asked to contact Helen Grady at Irwin Mitchell on 0370 1500 100 or email helen.grady@irwinmitchell.com

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