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Worker Suffers Serious Injuries In Hay Bale Collapse

Man Being Treated In Hospital Following Incident


A farm worker in Gloucestershire has suffered serious injuries after being trapped under a pile of hay bales for around an hour.

The 35-year-old man is now being treated in Frenchay Hospital following the work accident, which saw him trapped from the waist down after the bales rolled on top of him as he loaded a lorry.

Emergency services had to remove the hay in sections due to the weight and pressure which was placed on his legs.

Irwin Mitchell’s workplace injury team act for a number of people seriously injured or killed in incidents in a variety of workplace environments, including the farming sector.

David Urpeth, head of the specialist team at the national law firm, said: “Health and safety needs to be a fundamental priority in the workplace and once again this incident highlights just why this has to be the case.

“The agriculture sector is one of the most dangerous areas in terms of the risks to workers, so it is particularly important that those employed in such positions are given the support they need to do their job both effectively and safely.

“Ultimately, we hope that every effort is made to fully investigate this farm accident and provide some reassurances that lessons can be learnt which will ensure the same mistakes are not made in the future.”