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Investigation Launched Over Dumping Of Asbestos Materials

Expert Calls For Firms To Focus On Waste Management


A waste management legal specialist at Irwin Mitchell has called on businesses to dispose of unwanted goods in the correct manner, after an investigation was launched into the discovery of asbestos dumped in Caerphilly county.

Environment Agency Wales was contacted by a member of public after more than 50 bags of the material were found near a fishpond on Gelligaer Common – with efforts to clean up the site likely to cost thousands of pounds.

According to the BBC, the body has confirmed that it is investigating how and why the materials, which included items bagged in the correct manner, were dumped.

David Egan, a Partner at Irwin Mitchell’s Birmingham office, specialises in acting in cases related to waste management and the Environment Agency.

Commenting on this case, he said: “All organisations have a duty to both store and dispose of waste items in the correct manner, so it is deeply concerning to see an incident where someone has clearly failed to do this.

“Businesses need to recognise the importance of, not only waste management regulations, but also of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

“The dumping of waste, particularly items as dangerous as asbestos, poses a very real risk to the public and the countryside. It is vital that the authorities get to the bottom of this case and ensure that appropriate enforcement action is taken which will help to prevent further breaches of the law in the future.”