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Girl’s Eyelid Bitten Off In Dorset Dog Attack

Two-Year-Old Injured By Neighbour's Pet


An animal bite specialist at Irwin Mitchell has reiterated calls for a change in regulations related to dogs after a two-year-old girl’s eyelid was bitten off in a severe attack in Dorset.

Icy Thomas-Day suffered the injury in the attack by a neighbour’s West Highland White Terrier earlier this week. She was taken to Dorset County Hospital before going on to Poole Hospital, where she spent over two hours in theatre.

Her parents have called for police intervene as their neighbours have refused to put the dog down, but officers have stated that they are unable to take any further action as the incident took place at the home of the owner.

Public liability specialists at Irwin Mitchell act for those who have been injured in dog attacks and other animal bite-related incidents.

Katrina Elsey, a solicitor at the firm’s Sheffield office who specialises in such cases, said: “We have long-held concerns over the legislation and regulations in place to protect people from the threat of dog attacks.

“This shocking case highlights just how devastating such incidents can be and we have seen that attacks can have a lasting physical and emotional impact on those injured, particularly youngsters.

“While this highlights a clear need to re-examine legislation in place in relation to the Dangerous Dogs Act, we would also urge authorities to consider the potential introduction of both compulsory insurance and licences for dog owners.

“Such moves will ensure that dogs and their owners can be identified, which will be a huge help to victims as they seek justice over the injuries that they have suffered.”