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Five Injured After Scaffolding Collapse At Telford School

Investigations Begin Into Construction Site Incident


The Health and Safety Executive has been informed after five people were injured when a scaffolding canopy collapsed at a construction site at a school.

Several of those hurt in the incident at the four-storey Abraham Darby Academy in Telford yesterday afternoon (August 25th) were hospitalised after suffering problems including spinal, leg and abdominal injuries.

Authorities are now investigating what happened at the site, while police had to control traffic around the site following the collapse.

David Urpeth, national head of workplace injuries at Irwin Mitchell whose team represent those serious injured in work accidents caused by safety failings, has demanded that answers are provided as to what happened.

He said: “While health and safety should be a priority in all sectors, it is particularly important in an industry as dangerous as the construction trade.

“Falls from height are often the cause of many serious and fatal work accidents involving the construction industry.

“Few details have yet been confirmed in relation to what happened in this incident, but it is vital that every aspect of the lead-up to the collapse is carefully considered – particularly with a view to determining whether this was preventable.

“As this incident shows, accidents at work can have major impact on those involved and every effort must be made to minimise the potential risk of such problems.

“We also hope that lessons can be learnt from this case which will help to ensure that others do not face the same problems in the future.”