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Yet More Holidaymakers Taken Ill At Tenerife Hotel

Guests Contact Law Firm Over Illness Outbreak


Travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have been contacted by yet more holidaymakers who have been taken ill at the Los Gigantes Hotel in Tenerife.

The firm has now been contacted by 28 tourists who have suffered gastric illness at the hotel. The latest victims travelled as recently as March 18th.

Clive Garner, head of the firm’s travel law team is now calling on tour operator Thomson to clean up its act.

Mr Garner said: “In the past three months alone we’ve been contacted by nearly 30 people. Add to this the fact we represented 75 people who visited the site in 2010 and you have a problem which simply cannot be ignored any longer.

“Questions must be asked about why Thomson is continuing to send holidaymakers to this hotel when there is a risk of them becoming ill there.

“It is time for the operator to take responsibility for its customers and show that it has their best interests at heart.”

The holidaymakers have reported a number of problems at the Los Gigantes Hotel, including:

  • A live slug in a salad dish
  • Meals served at the wrong temperature and food left uncovered in the restaurant
  • A microwave with a sign asking guests to heat up their food if it wasn’t hot enough

Mr Garner explained: “We’ve had clients come to us with a range of comments, with some even going so far as to say it was the worst experience they have ever had and that they feel misled as to what they were told when booking the trip.

“We will continue to call for a serious and thorough investigation into the problems seen at the Los Gigantes Hotel and are fully prepared to campaign for as long as is necessary to ensure that our clients receive the justice they deserve and that future holidaymakers are spared similar trauma.”