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Report Reveals Safety Benefits Of Road Improvements

Changes 'Could Save Thousands Of Lives'


Serious injury specialists at Irwin Mitchell have welcomed a new report which sheds light on ways in which the maintenance of roads can have a significant impact on safety.

Research by the RAC Foundation has proposed a new system for the distribution of funding for looking after main roads in Britain, suggesting that the changes could save up to 6,000 lives.

It has outlined that a number of incidents in which motorists and passengers are serious or fatally injured on the roads could be avoided through focused attempts to address safety flaws on both motorways and A roads.

Irwin Mitchell’s serious injury experts represent a number of clients who have been hurt in road traffic collisions, as well as the families of those who have been fatally injured in such incidents.

Colin Ettinger, a London-based Partner in the team, said: “This new research by the RAC Foundation demonstrates why proper maintenance of roads is vital, as there are clear links in a number of cases between the quality of highways and the amount of collisions which occur on them.

“I hope that local authorities are able to carefully examine the findings of the report and, ideally, use its findings to make major improvements to roads in their areas through items such a signage and better markings.

“A stronger focus on road safety by councils will hopefully raise more awareness of the issue and help to keep all motorists safe from harm.”