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Man Suffers Leg Injuries In Dog Attack

Animal Bites Expert Concerned By Incident


Police in the West Midlands are appealing for witnesses after a man suffered serious leg injuries in a dog attack.

Three Staffordshire bull terriers have been placed in a secure kennel following the attack, which took place on Windsor Road in Tipton on the morning of Easter Monday (April 25th).

It is thought that the animals also attacked other dogs and officers are keen to speak to anyone else affected by their behaviour.

Irwin Mitchell represents a number of people who have suffered bites and serious injuries following dog attacks and has seen first-hand the life-changing physical and emotional damage that such incidents can cause.

Katrina Elsey, an expert in animal bite claims at the law firm’s Sheffield office, said: “Dog attacks can be traumatic for victims of all ages and it is disappointing to see that such incidents remain as common as ever.

“Over the past few years we have seen through our own experiences and in the press that more controls are needed to protect the public from dangerous dogs.

“We have continually called for improved ownership records and compulsory insurance that will ensure that those who own such animals and fail to control them can be held to account.

“Cases like this demonstrate why it is vital for such moves to be considered as soon as possible.”