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Road Accident Findings Concern Lawyer

AA Study Highlights Risks For Children


A leading personal injury expert from Irwin Mitchell has revealed his concerns over new research which shows children between 11 and 12 are at the greatest risk of being involved in road incidents.

Colin Ettinger, who has dealt with a number of serious injury cases related to traffic accidents, suggested that the new AA research highlights how there is still plenty of work to be done to cut the number of incidences on the UK’s roads.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the study of government figures revealed that the toll of those injured or killed in road collisions rises among those starting at secondary school.

It is believed this may be linked to the number of youngsters who are making their own way to school for the first time, after being driven or taken there by parents in the past.

Discussing the research, Colin Ettinger said: “The serious injuries caused in road crashes can have a devastating impact on the lives of both the victims and their families.

“I hope drivers take note of this research and take care to ensure all youngsters are safe from harm as they walk to school.”