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Norovirus Outbreak Must Be Tackled Quickly, Lawyer Urges

Guests And Staff At Hotel Show Symptoms


A top illness lawyer has called on public health authorities in Scotland to work as quickly as possible to stop a suspected outbreak of the norovirus bug from spreading.

According to reports, 15 guests and four members of staff at the four-star Glasgow Marriott are believed to be showing symptoms of the illness, which include both diarrhoea and vomiting.

The NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Public Health Protection Unit are investigating, while a number of measures have been put in place in an effort to contain the suspected outbreak.

Elaine Russell, a lawyer based at Irwin Mitchell’s Glasgow office with much experience of dealing with such cases, said: “It is vital that authorities discover the root cause of these problems as soon as possible, especially as it has emerged in a hotel environment.

“We are contacted in relation to so many incidents in which people have had their precious time on holiday ruined by serious illnesses that could have been avoided had the correct procedures and standards been in place.

“I hope that any investigation into this case is completed in a timely manner and any findings which emerge are taken on board by all companies working in the hospitality industry.”