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Mum Taken Ill At Albatross Palace Hotel

Holiday In Egypt Ruined By Illness


A mum from Manchester was taken ill with salmonella poisoning while at the Albatross Palace Hotel in Egypt, leaving her unable to have close contact with her son and husband.

Specialist travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell are representing Paula Solomons in a compensation claim and have called for an immediate review of hygiene standards at the hotel.

Mrs Solomons travelled to the hotel in Hurghada with her husband and son in June. Halfway through the week-long First Choice holiday Mrs Solomons began to suffer sickness and diarrhoea.

On her return to the UK Mrs Solomons was rushed to hospital and was quarantined for two weeks.

Mrs Solomons said: “At first sight the hotel seemed very nice, it certainly looked clean and tidy. However, I was concerned when I realised food hygiene standards were not always up to scratch. In particular, I noticed that meat and eggs were being served undercooked which is a potential source of food poisoning, especially Salmonella.
“Needless to say we won’t be going back and I certainly won’t be recommending the hotel. I only hope that by taking legal action First Choice is spurred into action so that no one else should have to suffer the way we have – especially not while they are trying to enjoy a well earned holiday.”

Lloyd Williams from Irwin Mitchell’s travel law team is investigating the Solomons’ claims. He has seen reports on the internet of chefs at the hotel handling uncooked meat and then salads without changing the gloves. There are also reports of guests finding ‘ticks’ in their salad.

Mr Williams said: “The conditions described at this hotel are shocking. We urge First Choice to urgently review food hygiene standards at the hotel and, if necessary, consider their relationship with the hotel before more people are taken ill.

“Holidaymakers deserve the peace of mind that their hotel will be clean and safe. Tour operators have a duty of care to ensure that health and hygiene are a top priority at the hotels with which they are affiliated.

“Unfortunately we find that over 40% of people who contract salmonella food poisoning go on to develop long-term illness, often resulting in significant financial losses due to their inability to work. We hope that First Choice will now work with us to provide swift and fair compensation for our clients.”