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Lawyer Hopes For Lorry Accident Answers

Boy injured in Conisbrough


A leading personal injury expert has revealed her hopes that authorities will get to the bottom of what caused an accident in Conisbrough which saw a parked lorry roll backwards down a hill and hit a youngster.

The eight-year-old boy was airlifted to hospital by Yorkshire Air Ambulance after being trapped against a stone wall by the vehicle. He is currently being treated at hospital after suffering a fractured pelvis.

Police are now taking a closer look at the vehicle to see what faults may have led to the incident and Nicola Meese of Irwin Mitchell has called for officers to act quickly to discover the cause.

“Any investigation into this accident needs to be completed as soon as possible, particularly so that steps are taken to avoid anything like this happening to anyone else,” she explained.

“We hope the youngster recovers quickly from this terrible incident and his family get the answers they will undoubtedly be keen to hear.”