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Lawyer Calls For Clarity Amid More Postcode Lottery Uncertainty

Leading Patient’s Rights Lawyer Says IVF Postcode Lottery Decision Could Be Challenged At High Court


A lawyer specialising in patient's rights has called on the NHS to provide clarity and consistency across the countries Primary Care Trusts for patients looking to undergo IVF or face court action.

The call comes as Warrington PCT announced that they would become the latest to go against National guidelines on providing In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) to patients in the area.

Yogi Amin, a Partner at law firm Irwin Mitchell today said that the inconsistencies across the countries PCT's is leading to 'unnecessary heartbreak and confusion' for patients who rely on the NHS for help conceiving.

He said: "This is yet another example of the NHS postcode lottery. People living within just a mile or so of each other are likely to receive different care, advice and support and it is simply unacceptable.

"Public cuts such as those introduced by Warrington PCT go against the principle that the doctor should decide on the treatment that the patient needs."

He goes on to explain that it is possible to legally challenge blanket cost cutting decisions. He said: "Over the years the postcode lottery issue has come up time and time again. On many occasions we have been instructed by patients to help them in their battle for justice and have challenged such blanket cost cutting decisions with a judicial review in the High Court.

"Each person's circumstance is different but the IVF treatment available should be decided by the doctor based on their condition, not on the cost of treatment, and I would urge individuals directly affected to challenge any blanket decisions which are unfair."