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Children’s Services Need Right Resources, Lawyer Claims

New Report Highlights Rising Demand


A legal expert at Irwin Mitchell has called on adequate resources to be made available to children’s services as demand for such help continues to rise.

Gary Walker has urged action on the issue after the Association of Directors of Children’s Services published figures which revealed there has been an increase in the number of cases needing “front door” child protection services since 2007-08.

However, the organisation also suggested that such rising demand, when twinned with the threat of cuts, could create “a perfect storm”.

A lawyer with experience of child abuse cases, Gary Walker said such findings were a worrying sign for the future.

He explained: “Victims of abuse have to cope with the long-term damaging effects that the experiences have had on them, and the services that social workers provide are a vital part of their steps to recovery.

“Because of this, it is therefore vital that immediate action is taken to ensure that the right resources and funding are made available so that authorities can take the steps needed to create a safe children's social care service.”