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Walkers Need Protection From Cattle Stampedes, Lawyer Urges

Growing Number Of Incidents Raise Concerns


A leading personal injury lawyer has revealed her concerns over the growing number of reports of people being hurt by cattle stampedes.

Katrina Elsey of Irwin Mitchell said the seriousness of the issue has been dramatically highlighted by reports that a dog walker in North Yorkshire was in intensive care earlier this month after being trampled by livestock.

Discussing the worrying rise in incidents, the legal expert suggested that more should be done to ensure those who work or regularly visit the countryside are able to do so safe from harm.

She said: “I have dealt with several cases which have emerged as a result of stampedes or trampling, and each of them has highlight how traumatic and dangerous such incidents can be for victims.

“It is vital that more should be done to ensure people are able to enjoy the countryside without any threat to their wellbeing.

“I urge both farmers and walkers to pay attention to this issue and the potential risks, whether that is the use of adequate fencing on public rights of way or just generally rethinking the routes that are available.”