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Travel Lawyers Welcome Admission Of Liability Over Cruise Injuries

Cruise Ship Hit By Massive Wave


Holidaymakers who were injured when the cruise ship they were travelling on was hit by a massive wave have won their battle for justice.

Tour operator Discover the World has accepted responsibility for the incident which was caused by the ship sailing too close to an iceberg.

Specialist travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell are representing 12 of the 16 injured holidaymakers and have welcomed the admission of liability.

The passengers described how a large wave hit the boat after large chunks of ice broke away from the glacier.

Philip Banks of Irwin Mitchell said that passengers were thrown across the deck by the violent listing of the boat. Some passengers were so seriously injured that they had to be airlifted from the boat.

Mr Banks said: “This has been a lengthy and challenging legal battle and our clients are delighted that today Discover the World finally accepted responsibility for the actions which led to our clients suffering serious injuries.”

A trial had been scheduled for March 2011 to determine who was responsible for the incident but this will no longer be required.

Mr Banks added: “This is a very positive step forward and we are equally delighted that we have not had to put our clients through the stress of a trial. We hope that we are now able to work closely with Discover the World to ensure our clients are properly compensated for the suffering, distress and loss they have experienced and are able to put this ordeal behind them once and for all.”