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Travel Lawyer Expresses Concern Over Ship Fire

Ship Fire Rescue Operation Underway


The head of Irwin Mitchell’s travel law team has expressed his concerns over reports of a fire on a ship off the coast of the Isles of Scilly.

Coastguards from Falmouth have revealed that a rescue operation is now underway to help the 111 people onboard.

The ship, The Athena, is owned by shipping company Thor. 81 people have abandoned ship and are now in life rafts.

Clive Garner of Irwin Mitchell’s dedicated travel law team said: “It is very concerning to hear of the problems which have reportedly hit The Athena and the priority now has to be ensuring that everyone on board is rescued as soon as possible.

“Moving forward, questions will need to be asked as to how the fire started and then got out of control.

“I hope that authorities are able to provide such information quickly, as both those involved and their loved ones will undoubtedly be seeking answers on this incident.”