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Travel Lawyer Demands Answers Following Plane Crash In Peru

Fatal Accident Involving Cessna Aircraft


Clive Garner, a specialist travel lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, has called for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding a plane crash in Peru in which four Britons were killed.

The Cessna aircraft came down close to the Nazca Lines on Saturday. Andrew Brown, Gayle Callow, Alastair Rowe and Warren Denham lost their lives in the incident.

Reports have emerged suggesting that the same aircraft was involved in an emergency landing earlier in the year.

In February another Cessna plane crashed in the area, killing the seven people on board. In April 2008 there was another crash that killed five French holidaymakers.

The Foreign Office has stated that all planes flying over the Nazca Lines must be no more than 15 years old and have a co-pilot.

The Peruvian Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) has carried out an inspection of aircraft operating from Nazca.

Mr Garner has expressed his concern at the history of serious incidents in the region. He said: "We are alarmed by the recent history of problems in this area of Peru. Any links between their causes should be investigated urgently.

"We have represented families of people who were tragically killed in crashes involving Cessna aircraft in South America and Africa, as well as survivors of crashes who were left with serious injuries.

"Some of these incidents were due to errors by pilots while some were caused by engine problems. It is too early to be certain of the cause of this crash but we are concerned by the recent emergency landing.

"A number of issues can cause engine problems, including damage to the engine during flight, defects in the engine components or poor maintenance.

"The authorities must investigate the cause of this incident thoroughly and comprehensively. I hope that a preliminary report will be issued within a few weeks with a final report coming quickly after so that the families of those involved can learn the causes of the crash.

"We hope that lessons can be learned from the investigation so that similar incidents can be avoided in the future.

"Meanwhile, our deepest sympathies go out to the families of the victims involved in this terrible incident."