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Travel Law Expert Issues Cruise Warning

Number Of Holidaymakers Taking Cruises Is On The Rise


An expert in travel law has said that tour operators must take important steps to make sure that the increasing popularity of cruise holidays does not coincide with more cases of illness on the ships.

Clive Garner, head of travel law at Irwin Mitchell, made his comments after The Sun published figures stating that more than 1.7 million holidaymakers will go on cruises next year.

Mr Garner explained that while the cruise industry will no doubt be happy with the 8% rise in passenger numbers, it is vital that they work hard to make sure holidaymakers can enjoy their cruises safely.

The travel lawyer said: “People should be able to relax on a cruise ship and get away from the stresses of their everyday lives. Sadly we often deal with cases where the peaceful calm onboard ship is interrupted by an illness outbreak.

“Many of the problems could often have been avoided had proper hygiene and safety standards been adhered to in the first place.

“I hope that holidays companies see the rising passenger numbers as a sign that they should do everything possible to ensure their guests are safe from harm.”