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Toddler’s Injuries Highlight Dog Attack Dangers

Youngster Left Needing 50 Stitches


A lawyer has stated that a dog attack which left a toddler needing 50 stitches highlights the serious and traumatic impact of such incidents.

Katrina Elsey, who specialises in dog bite cases for national law firm Irwin Mitchell, said the horrific dangers were demonstrated in the case of 16-month-old Lily Llewellyn, who was attacked by a Cairn terrier after she accidentally stood on its tail.

The youngster is now recovering after having the stitches put in, while the seven-year-old dog has been put down.

Commenting on the case, injury lawyer Katrina Elsey said: “The pictures that have emerged of Lily highlight the terrible damage that dog bites can do to people of all ages.

“So many of the cases I have been involved in have shown that such attacks can cause physical, as well as mental, anguish to those involved and their loved ones. Victims often need access to long-term care as they look to move on from such trauma.

“It is pleasing to hear that the youngster is recovering for what must have been a devastating attack.”