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Serious Hand Injury Case Highlights Cost Of Workplace Accident

Street Cleaner Not Given Correct Gloves


Businesses and local authorities need to recognise the personal and financial impact that failing to adequately protect employees can have, a work accident lawyer has suggested.

David Urpeth of Irwin Mitchell made the comment as it was revealed that Hull City Council may have to pay damages of at least £100,000 to a street cleaner who suffered a serious hand injury while clearing rubbish from a garden in May 2006.

Three judges in the Appeal Court in London have ruled that the local authority should have provided Steve Threlfall with the right protective equipment, namely cut-resistant gloves.

Commenting on the expected damages, accident at work claims specialist David Urpeth said: “Whilst the amounts predicted to be paid out in this case are significant, there are many cases of this kind.

“Many people pursue a claim not only to obtain compensation to meet their needs but to seek answers as to why their accident happened.

“I hope that lessons are learnt from this particular case, as it highlights how the simple issue of providing a worker with the correct gloves can help organisations avoid the huge financial impact of legal action as well as the misery caused to injured individuals and their families.

“It is also vital that this case stands as an example and serves as a key reminder to employers on the importance of health and safety.”

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