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Research Highlights ‘Silver Separations’ Trend, Lawyer Suggests

Over-50s Reveal Reasons For Divorce


A leading family law expert at Irwin Mitchell has suggested new research from Saga has highlighted how ‘silver separations’ – divorces involving the over-50s – are becoming an increasingly major trend.

The organisation’s research highlights some of the reasons why many people in the age bracket choose to separate from their partners. Among the most commonly cited issues were a lack of sex, husbands or wives being emotionally cold and a lack of commitment.

In addition, the research revealed that financial disagreements were more likely to be the cause of disputes during a divorce than either emotional or family problems.

Commenting on the study, Elizabeth Tait of Irwin Mitchell said: “Saga's reported increase in silver separations is borne out by solicitors’ statistics. We have seen a rise in the number of couples in their 50s, 60s and 70s exploring separation options.

“And the consequences of such decisions ripple out to the extended family - whilst children may have grown and flown the nest their views frequently are that the impact of parental separation is nevertheless felt acutely.

“So it is imperative to seek early legal advice, particularly in relation to pensions which can often be the most valuable asset of a marriage.”