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RAF’s Decision To Ground Nimrods Backed By Lawyer

Reports Suggest Safety Concerns


A lawyer who represented the families of 14 British servicemen who died when a Nimrod MR2 crashed in Afghanistan four years ago has welcomed reports that a new fleet may be grounded over safety concerns.

Andrew Buckham of Irwin Mitchell reacted after the Daily Telegraph reported that the Ministry of Defence is rethinking the use of the new Nimrod MRA4 planes as a “potential safety issue” was found during assessments of one of the aircraft.

Last week, the lawyer represented the family of Royal Marine Joe Windall as a jury in Edinburgh’s Court of Session ruled in favour of their claim against the MoD over the Nimrod MR2 crash in 2006.

The serviceman’s mother and sister were awarded £90,000 and £60,000 respectively in damages – the highest-ever awards for loss of society for a mother and a sibling in Scotland.

Commenting on the decision to ground the new batch of spy planes, Mr Buckham said: “I welcome the announcement that the MoD are adhering to safety procedures in relation to the Nimrod fleet.

“I have seen first-hand the devastating impact that failures in such processes can have on both servicemen and their families, so it is pleasing to see that lessons are being learnt from past errors.

“Everyone knows that those serving in operational theatres face dangers and risks every day, so it’s vital that the equipment supplied to service personnel is safe and of the highest standard.”