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Negligence Lawyer Calls For Action After Misdiagnosis Case

Coroner Criticises Ambulance Staff Over Death


A leading medical negligence lawyer at Irwin Mitchell has urged health authorities in East Sussex to act after a coroner criticised ambulance staff over the misdiagnosis of a 38-year-old man.

Amanda Stevens has stated that lessons must be learnt from the death of Michael Bradford, who was told by a crew on June 14th that he may be suffering from a chest infection and instructed to visit his GP. However, he died from a cardiac arrest shortly after the ambulance staff left.

The coroner reviewing the case said that “a potentially different outcome” could have occurred if the correct diagnosis was given. She also stated that the crew’s action on the day, particularly the decision to take only basic equipment to Mr Bradford’s flat, contravened ambulance service protocol.

The medical director of the local trust said an action plan was being developed, a move welcomed by negligence expert Amanda Stevens.

She said: “I have dealt with a number of negligence claims and the same key issue is almost always highlighted – the NHS must learn from its mistakes and ensure that nothing like this happens again.

“This case also once again demonstrates the devastating impact that wholly avoidable errors can have on patient safety.

“I hope that this incident and the resulting coroner’s verdict lead to a significant improvement in standards of care that should ensure no future victims have the same problems.”