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Negligence Expert Welcomes Action On Donor Errors Research

Review Highlights Efforts To Tackle Problems


A medical negligence expert at Irwin Mitchell has welcomed NHS moves to prevent further errors similar to those which saw the wrong organs removed from 25 donors in the UK.

Mandy Luckman, a lawyer who specialises in medical law issues, responded after a review confirmed that all of the incidences could have been avoided. A computer software fault was believed to be behind the problems.

The man behind the review, Sir Gordon Duff, said that the NHS has since responded to the mistakes and put processes in place to ensure the system is secure.

Such moves were welcomed by Mandy Luckman, who commented: “The 25 incidences of incorrect organ removal reported by the NHS were a major concern, particularly as they stemmed from problems that could have been avoided.

“However, it is positive to see that authorities have responded to the issue in the correct manner, while they have also been praised for their handling of the situation.

“I hope that the review into the errors will ensure that a line can be drawn under the problems and such incidences do not occur in the future.