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Liverpool Dog Attack Concerns Lawyer

Youngster Seriously Injured In Incident


News that another youngster has been harmed in a dog attack is a major cause for concern, a leading injury lawyer from Irwin Mitchell has claimed.

Katrina Elsey, who specialises in cases related to dog bites, commented after reports revealed a four-year-old girl has suffered serious injuries to her face after being bitten while visiting a neighbour’s house in Croxteth.

The animal involved has since been destroyed, while the owner has been charged with possessing a prohibited dog.

Discussing the incident, Katrina Elsey said: “Incidents like this can be hugely distressing for not just the victim, but also their friends and family.

“It is also alarming that dog attacks have been hitting the headlines so much in the past few months, particularly as the serious injuries caused by such incidents can have a life-changing impact both physically and mentally on those involved,

“Hopefully projects like the recent research carried out by the University of Lincoln into the area will lead to greater awareness of the dangers and a reduction in the number of cases.

“I also call for dog licensing and compulsory insurance as this would assist with some of the problems with dog attacks by properly identifying the dogs and making owners of dogs more accountable for irresponsible ownership.”