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Lawyer Calls For Investigation Into Commonwealth Games Illnesses

Commonwealth Games illness reports


A leading travel litigation lawyer at Irwin Mitchell has expressed cause for concern after a number of athletes were struck with illness at the Commonwealth Games.

There have been reports of English swimmers struggling with stomach bugs, according to Clive Garner, of the firm’s International Travel Litigation Group.

Reports suggest around a fifth of the English swimming team have been struck with illness while at the Games' venue. However, organisers have been assured by the Commonwealth Games Federation that food and water quality at the pool has been tested for safety.

Clive Garner, who has helped a number of people who have fallen ill abroad, said that an investigation should be launched into the problems as soon as possible.

He said: “The organisers have a responsibility to ensure that athletes can fully prepare for their events and compete to the best of their abilities. It is therefore concerning that so many people have complained of illness in the run-up to their races.

“Stomach bugs can be a difficult issue for anyone to deal with, let alone swimmers who are getting ready for major competition. Unfortunately illness of this nature can result in long term health problems for those concerned in addition to any impact it may have on their performance as sportsmen and women.

“Outbreaks of illness can often be controlled with simple preventative measures and the implementation of a good hygiene routine at the facilities concerned. I hope a swift investigation is carried out into the potential causes of the illness so steps can be taken to prevent any further participants suffering from similar symptoms.”