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Lawyer Calls For Action On Workplace Noise Report

Research Suggests Dangers Of Excess Noise


A lawyer at Irwin Mitchell has called for companies to take a new report as a sign that they must tackle the issue of noise in the workplace as soon as possible.

Lee Carnall reacted after new research published in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine journal suggested that working in environments where noise makes it difficult to hold a conversation can increase the risk of serious heart disease.

According to the study’s authors, working in noisy environments may increase stress levels, which means more pressure is put on the hearts of workers.

Commenting on the report, industrial deafness specialist Lee Carnall, said: “Many of the cases I have dealt with have shown the impact that noise in the workplace can have on employees.

“However, this study suggests there is another vital reason for organisations to address the levels of noise that they expose their members of staff to.

“I urge companies to move forward to put standards in place over the issue of workplace noise, as this evidence suggests a failure to do so could have a devastating impact on the future faced by many workers.”