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Lawyer Backs New Measures For Younger Drivers

New Proposals From ABI Welcomed


The introduction of new regulations for younger drivers could improve their experience and reduce the number of car crashes on the UK’s roads, a lawyer at Irwin Mitchell has suggested.

Personal injury expert Stephen Nye, who specialises in cases related to road traffic accidents, has backed the Association of British Insurers’ calls for a minimum one-year learning period for new motorists.

According to the organisation, research has shown that three out of four people believe such a period would be an effective way of cutting accident rates among younger drivers.

The release of the study has also come as those taking driving tests are now being asked to drive independently around a predetermined route without examiner instructions. Stephen Nye said both ideas could have a positive impact.

He said: “The statistics regarding the dangers posed and faced by young drivers are sadly reflected in the work we do for our clients. At any given time we are handling a wealth of cases in which a young person has been killed or seriously injured, or they have killed or seriously injured another road user or passenger.

“Very often the relative inexperience of the young driver, who does not appreciate the dangers around him or the consequences of speed, is the main cause of the accident. An extended period of learning would hopefully better prepare young drivers for the realities of driving on our busy roads, so that they can modify their driving habits accordingly.

“It has also recently been suggested that the driving test be modified to include a period of independent driving. Collectively these measures will hopefully help bring about a reduction in the number of serious injuries and deaths on our roads."