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Halloween No Time For Pedestrian Safety Scares, Lawyer Urges

Parents Must Prepare Children For Safe Evening 


Parents and drivers across the UK have been urged by a leading injury lawyer to ensure they take pedestrian safety seriously as youngsters prepare to head out trick or treating for Halloween.

Katrina Elsey, a lawyer who specialises in public liability cases for Irwin Mitchell, has called on parents to fully prepare their children for a safe evening out.

She explained: “Halloween may be a great time for youngsters to enjoy dressing up and having fun. However, it coincides with a time when it is getting dark earlier and the weather is more unpredictable, which in turn makes it harder for them to be seen by motorists.

“Pedestrians need to bear a common sense approach to safety in mind, but it is also vital that drivers play their part.”

Youngsters have been urged by the expert to make sure they use well-lit pavements at all times, while also taking care when close to cars which may be reversing out of drives or along roads.

In addition, drivers have been told to be extra vigilant while on the roads, which includes ensuring headlights are on and also driving slower when in built-up urban areas.

Public liability expert Elsey added: “Figures from the Department of Transport showed that nearly 2,000 children were pedestrian casualties in road accidents during the fourth quarter of 2009.

“Hopefully extra care around autumn events like Halloween and Bonfire Night will ensure that more youngsters are safe from harm this time around.”

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