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Family Holiday In Cape Verde Ruined By Salmonella

Notts Woman Suffers Illness On Holiday


Sara Black from Ollerton in Nottinghamshire has instructed travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to help her claim compensation after she contracted salmonella while on holiday in Cape Verde.

Miss Black travelled to the Riu Karamboa with her eight-year-old son Michael in August. The tour operator was Thomson.

While at the resort Miss Black was struck down by gastric illness. On her return to the UK, her GP confirmed that she had contracted salmonella.

Miss Black told the travel experts at Irwin Mitchell that there were flies around food in the hotel restaurant and that dogs, cats and birds were allowed in the restaurant area.

She also reported lukewarm food being served at the buffet, beef served uncooked and bright pink and staff mixing existing food with new food before it was served.

Sara Black said: “I feel angry at that fact that I have fallen ill due to the poor hygiene standards at the hotel. You normally expect to feel rejuvenated from holiday but instead I have been left with bad memories.

“I would definitely think twice about flying back to Cape Verde or travelling with Thomson again.”

Amandeep Samra, a travel law expert at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, said: “Salmonella is a very serious illness and it is unacceptable that standards at the hotel have allowed guests to become so ill.

“It is vital that the basic health and hygiene standards, in place to protect holidaymakers, are enforced correctly and adhered to. Tour operators are responsible for ensuring the safety of their customers and must take reasonable steps to do so.

“People should be able to enjoy their holiday free from concerns about health issues that are completely avoidable. If Thomson cannot ensure the health and wellbeing of its guests it should stop sending people to the Riu Karamboa.”