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Expert Urges HSE To Ensure Standards Do Not Fall After Cuts

Organisation Affected By Spending Review


Plans which will see the Health and Safety Executive’s budget reduced by around 35 per cent must not lead to a fall in standards, a workplace injury expert has urged.

David Urpeth of Irwin Mitchell revealed his concerns over the proposals, which were included in the government’s spending review.

He explained that while cuts have hit many areas hard, it is vital that any reductions in spending on the HSE do not have an adverse impact on the work that the organisation carries out.

“The HSE plays a vital role in upholding safety standards which ensure businesses take the issue of employee safety seriously,” Mr Urpeth outlined.

“Because of this, it is unsurprising that there is much concern that the number of accidents at work in the UK could rise if the funding provided to the organisation is cut in the manner which has been put forward.

“The concern is that the cuts could lead to injury or death and that is unacceptable.”