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Emergency Services Staff Must Be Protected At Work, Lawyer Urges

Expert Reacts To Scottish Research


New figures have demonstrated that it is more important than ever for emergency services staff to be given adequate protection while they work, a lawyer has claimed.

Elaine Russell of Irwin Mitchell’s Glasgow office reacted after research revealed that the number of prosecutions for assaults against emergency service staff working for the NHS in Scotland has risen significantly in the past five years.

The number of proceedings under the Emergency Workers Act has increased from 57 to 309 over the period.

Discussing the research, leading lawyer Elaine Russell said: “People in all sectors should be given assurances that they can head to work and back home again at the end of the day safely.

“This research suggests that there are serious issues which need to be addressed in terms of the welfare of emergency services staff.

“I call on authorities to take any necessary action as soon as possible, whether it be the distribution of personal alarm equipment or the introduction of new procedures to protect staff while they are working in areas where they are most at risk.”