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Two Injured In Suspected Devon Gas Explosion

Authorities Investigating Blast


Emergency services in Devon have been called on by a lawyer to quickly get to the bottom of the cause of an explosion which destroyed a house.

Two men seriously injured in the incident that took place early yesterday morning in Barnstaple and reportedly may be linked to gas cylinders stored at the property in Trinity Street.

One victim has undergone surgery and is fought to be fighting for this life after the explosion, with the power of the blast meaning debris was found around 1,000 feet away.

The incident comes just weeks after a suspected gas explosion in Salford, Greater Manchester caused significant damage and left a number of people injured.

Discussing the reports, Gary Walker, a leading personal injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, said: “Very few details have yet emerged on what caused this incident, but it is terrible to hear of two people being so badly hurt.

“It is also concerning that the explosion may be linked to gas cylinders, particularly as it such a short time since people were so seriously hurt in a similar blast in Manchester.

“Authorities must work quickly to discover the root cause of the issue and I hope that lessons can be learnt that will avoid more people coming to harm in the same manner in the future.”