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Road Safety Research Concerns Serious Injury Lawyer

Nottingham Motoring Figures Raise Concerns


A serious injury lawyer has revealed his concern over new figures which show that a large number of motorists in the Nottingham area are potentially putting others at risk due to poor driving standards.

Neil Whiteley, a partner with expertise in road traffic accident cases at Irwin Mitchell, commented after the Nottingham Post reported that more than 200 people were convicted of motoring offences in the first ten days of a new campaign launched last month.

Speeding, the use of mobile phones and failing to wear a seatbelt were just some of the offences seen on the roads in the area between October 16th and 25th.

Discussing the reports, Neil Whiteley said: “It is deeply concerning that drivers in and around Nottingham are failing to follow basic standards of safe driving.

“So many of the cases I deal with have shown the devastating, life-changing impact that accidents on the road can have on both victims and their loved ones.

“I hope that this research serves as a wake-up call to drivers who have a disregard for laws designed to keep them free from distractions, as well as ensure both the safety of them and others.”

According to the Department for Transport, there were a total of 222,146 reported road accident casualties of all kinds in Great Britain in 2009.