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Report Warns Of Poor Treatment Of Abnormal Heart Rhythm

Negligence Expert Welcomes Study


A medical negligence expert at Irwin Mitchell has welcomed a new report which calls on health authorities across Europe to improve their diagnosis and treatment of cases of abnormal heart rhythm.

The study by the AF AWARE partnership suggests that a number of patients who suffer from atrial fibrillation, a common form of cardiac arrhythmia, could be at increased risk of illness due to poor diagnosis and a failure to follow guidelines.

It also revealed that there are some concerns that the condition, which may lead to other cardiovascular complications, may be underdiagnosed.

Screening of primary care patients in the UK is thought to cost £200 per patient, and it is thought this is likely to avoid the need for more costly secondary care.

Discussing the research, Lisa Jordan, a Partner in Irwin Mitchell’s Medical Law and Patient Rights team, said: “Considering the health issues that atrial fibrillation has been linked to, it is a major concern that the condition may not be getting the attention that it deserves from health authorities across Europe.

“I urge the NHS to take a closer look at the potential dangers of the condition, as well as how they can improve their response to it.

“Such moves should ensure that more people get the medical attention that they need and deserve, which ultimately will ensure that more people are safe from harm.”