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Irwin Mitchell Investigates Manchester Gas Blast

Law Firm Contacted Over Explosion


Leading national law firm Irwin Mitchell has been instructed by a number of residents of a Greater Manchester suburb to investigate the cause of a major blast which destroyed four houses and left many injured.

The explosion, caused by a gas leak in one property, occurred on the morning of November 2nd on Merlin Road, Irlam and around eleven people were rushed to a hospital for treatment.

City West Housing Trust has previously stated to the media renovation work was being carried out in one of the homes and added that it is unlikely that the incident is not connected to it.

Gary Walker, a solicitor at Irwin Mitchell, said: “The aim of our own investigation into what occurred is simple – to provide answers to those whose lives were turned upside down by the explosion.

“While many people were injured, a large number have also had to deal with significant and costly damage to their property. In addition, so many people were forced out of their homes as result of the explosion.

“It is vital that lessons are learnt so that no one else suffers like this in the future.”