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Gloucestershire Case Highlights Dangers Of Dog Attacks

Boy 'Left Needing Over 1,000 Stitches'


A dog attack which left a ten-year-old boy needing over 1,000 stitches is a terrible reminder of the dangers of such incidents, an injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell has suggested.

Katrina Elsey, who specialises in cases related to dog bites, said the case of an unnamed youngster which was heard at Gloucester Magistrates’ Court demonstrated the devastating impact that attacks can have.

Reports have revealed the boy was in the home of the dog’s owner Clayton Summerell when the Staffordshire bull terrier, named Blade, attacked him in February this year. The youngster spent four days in hospital following the incident.

The owner admitted to failing to keep the dog under proper control on the day of the incident.

Discussing the attack, Katrina Elsey said: “This case highlights the massive impact and trauma that dog bites can have on victims.

“Many of the cases I deal with are related to attacks on youngsters, who often face life-long physical damage and emotional trauma due to the failure of dog owners to keep control of their pets.

“It is vital that more is done to address such issues, particularly in relation to giving the police greater powers to seize dogs which could pose further threats to the safety of the public. The law must be improved to ensure people are given improved levels of protection.”