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Family Lawyer Warns Against ‘Nectar Points’ Divorce Disputes

Study Reveals Impact Of Smaller Arguments


Couples going through a divorce should take care to prioritise what really matters when it comes to splitting assets, a family lawyer at Irwin Mitchell has warned.

According to the Press Association, new research has suggested that many divorce cases can be delayed due to arguments over items often worth very little, including CD collections and books, which are often more difficult to resolve than issues other more valuable assets.

Martin Loxley, who specialises in divorce cases and other family law matters, said his personal experience of such disagreements on less important matters has shown that they often prove unpopular in the courts.

He explained: “Judges intensely dislike these disputes because there is no right or wrong answer in law. So arbitrary results can often take place with judges literally making orders that everything is sold.

“I would urge those going through the separation process to seriously consider which assets they would regard as a priority.

“We have had several cases where millions of pounds of property can be divided by agreement but there is a dispute over the Nectar points.”