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Couple Struck Down By Holiday Food Poisoning In Kenya

Baobab Beach Resort


A couple from the UK have contacted lawyers after their holiday in Kenya was ruined by food poisoning.

Michael and Elizabeth Rodwell were celebrating Mrs Rodwell’s birthday at the Baobab Beach Resort, Kenya, in August.

While at the resort the couple were both left suffering gastric illness, vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach cramps high temperature and fever.

Mr and Mrs Rodwell have now asked travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to help them make tour operator Thomson take note of their ordeal.

When the couple returned to the UK they visited their GP due to ongoing symptoms. Tests confirmed that they had both been exposed to Campylobacter bacteria and were referred to hospital for treatment.

Mr Rodwell said he was shocked by conditions at the Baobab Beach Resort.

"The list of problems felt endless – we were already unsatisfied with conditions at what was billed as a top-class resort, but when we fell ill it literally added injury to insult." he added.

"The room was soiled, unclean and damp – and my wife is asthmatic – and the air conditioning was faulty.

"The food offering was worse still – fish and meat was raw and uncooked, it was left uncovered for long periods and, as we found out to our cost, it carried dangerous bacteria that made us both very sick.

"I can’t believe that in this day and age, problems such as this are still occurring and I am very concerned that some hotels and tour operators are putting money before the health of holiday makers."

Clive Garner, head of travel law at Irwin Mitchell said: "Mr and Mrs Rodwell had gone away for what was supposedly an exclusive and high-quality break to celebrate a birthday – but have been left seriously ill and hospitalised. Lessons must be learnt urgently!

"The flagrant disregard that some hotels and tour operators continue to have for the health and safety of tourists never ceases to amaze me. Bearing in mind the seriousness of the issues reported we expect other guests who stayed at this resort may also have suffered severe illness.

"We call for urgent steps to be taken to improve standards at the Baobab Beach Resort. We also trust that Thomsons will now work with us to resolve our clients’ claims fairly and promptly."