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Asbestos Lawyer Backs Schools Campaign

Unison Considers Management Of Material


A lawyer at Irwin Mitchell who specialises in asbestos-related disease cases has welcomed a new campaign calling for improved management of the material in schools.

Caroline Pinfold reacted after reports from the Waltham Forest Guardian revealed that Unison is looking to gain more information on asbestos management plans used by education authorities.

A Health and Safety Executive report revealed that four schools in Walthamstow did not have such plans in place, while Unison has also claimed that the local council has failed to protect staff and pupils.

Caroline Pinfold has successfully sued on behalf of the family of a local teacher who died from mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos at a school in Romford several years ago.

She said: “We have dealt with a number of cases in this area linked to asbestos exposure and its subsequent impact in terms of causing the fatal lung cancer mesothelioma.

“Considering the risks which can arise when the material is disturbed, it is a major concern that it remains inadequately managed in schools across the UK.

“I welcome the campaign started by Unison and hope that it will go some way to ensuring that those who use such buildings are fully protected from the terrible risks that can emerge.”