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Teachers Injured In Chemical Spill

Chemical Spill At Staffordshire School


An east Staffordshire school has been evacuated and two teachers taken to hospital after a chemical spill at the site.

The female teachers from Abbot Beyne School in Osborne Road, Winshill, were taken to Queens Hospital, Burton-upon-Trent, for treatment after an un-named vapour was released when a glass vial broke.

Four fire engines and an incident response unit were dispatched to the building, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service said. A hazardous material and environmental protection officer was also sent to the school.

A fire service spokesman said: "Firefighters in gas-tight suits have assessed the scene and made it safe, and a specialist hazardous waste company will be disposing of the chemical in line with regulation.

"We'd like to reassure parents that the children have not been exposed to the chemical and the area will be fully ventilated and de-contaminated before the pupils are allowed to return."

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David Urpeth, an expert in work accidents at Irwin Mitchell said: "This was a serious work accident. Whilst the chemical involved and the circumstances of this accident remain unclear, something obviously went very wrong.

"It is vital that any organisation involved in the manufacture, storage or use of dangerous chemicals does so in a safe manner ensuring the protection of workers and third parties.

"Clearly, chemicals at schools have the potential to harm both teachers and pupils, so their use and storage needs to be carefully controlled."