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Chemical Plant Fire Under Control

Work Accident Lawyer Comments On Chemical Fire


Residents in Huddersfield have been advised to remain indoors after fire crews in the area finally brought a blaze at a chemical works under control.

More than 30 appliances were scrambled to the Grosvenor Chemicals site in the Linthwaite area after a fire broke out in the early hours of Sunday morning, West Yorkshire Fire Service said.

A spokeswoman for the service said the fire had been contained in a storage section containing pesticides and glue-based products after more than 120 firefighters worked through the night to control the blaze.

She added that although the blaze had been quelled by fire crews, local residents should remain indoors and consult with their GP if they develop any health problems.

"Foam has been used to prevent the spread of fire and the fire is now under control due to the hard work of firefighters and an effective multi-agency response," she said.

"As a precaution, members of the public in the south Huddersfield area are advised to stay indoors.

"Anyone with concerns should contact their GP or NHS Direct.

"Or, if you develop respiratory problems, please call an ambulance."

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Dsvid Urpeth, an expert work accident lawyer at Irwin Mitchell said: "This was a serious work accident involving a major fire.

"Whilst the circumstances of this accident at work are unknown, something clearly went very wrong.

"Fires of this magnitude pose a serious risk to workers and residents alike.”

Mr Urpeth represented over 75 workers and many residents who were injured in the 2001 at the Killingholme refinery when over 170 tonnes of liquid petroleum gas caught fire, the largest chemical disaster since Flixborough. Conoco-Phillips, who owned the plant, was eventually fined £1m for breaching health and safety regulations after the explosion at its Humber refinery.