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Irwin Mitchell Picks Up Prestigious Accolade For Commitment To Community

Business in the Community's (BITC) annual Corporate Responsibility Index


Irwin Mitchell Picks Up Prestigious Accolade For Commitment To Community

Irwin Mitchell has been named as one of the leading companies in the country for commitment to local communities in the prestigious Business in the Community's (BITC) annual Corporate Responsibility Index.

The law firm has been awarded a bronze rating for the first time in the BITC's 2009 index, which recognised the company's commitment to environmental and social responsibility in its mission, values and practice. 

Assessors for the Index highlighted numerous positive features among Irwin Mitchell's expanding Social Responsibility programme, which is headed up by the firm's Senior Partner Michael Napier.

The company was praised for placing Corporate Responsibility at the core of its business strategy with commitment at all levels of the firm, including members of the Board sitting alongside Mr Napier on the steering committee.

Its approach on climate change was one area picked out for special praise. The firm was deemed to be ahead of its peers for measuring and reporting on its carbon footprint and has one of the lowest carbon footprints amongst member firms of the Legal Sector Alliance, of which Irwin Mitchell was a founder member.

The Index also applauded the way Irwin Mitchell communicated its social responsibility programme to employees at all levels and the way it works alongside other organisations such as BITC, LawWorks, Pro Help, Legal Sector Alliance and Stonewall among others to ensure its efforts are focused in the right areas.

School based reading schemes in Manchester and South Yorkshire also caught the eye of the assessors and could now be rolled out to regions such as London and the North East, and the firm's proactive Diversity programme was also praised.

Irwin Mitchell also runs its own independent fundraising charity, the Irwin Mitchell Charities Foundation (IMCF), which last year raised money for local charities in each of the seven cities where it had offices.

Michael Napier, Senior Partner at Irwin Mitchell and chair of its Social Responsibility Committee, said: "We are delighted to have been recognised in the Corporate Responsibility Index for the value that we place on engaging with the community and protecting the environment.

"Irwin Mitchell has always believed that like other businesses law firms owe a responsibility to contribute to the society that we serve and we will continue to build on our longstanding commitment to those values."

The Corporate Responsibility Index helps companies to integrate and improve corporate responsibility throughout their business operations, by providing a systematic approach to managing, measuring and reporting on business impacts in society and on the environment.

Steven Howard, Chief Executive of Business in the Community, said: "I congratulate Irwin Mitchell on achieving Bronze in the 2009 Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility Index.

"Companies participating in the Index may be at different stages of their responsible business journey, but they have all demonstrated that they take these issues seriously and are leading the field in ensuring this is just how they do business. We believe this is imperative if we are to strengthen and stabilise our businesses and economy."