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Honeymoon At Ibizan Hotel Ruined By Illness

Couple Contact Travel Lawyers After Illness In Ibiza


A bride whose honeymoon in Ibiza was ruined when she fell ill has demanded answers from tour operator Thomas Cook.

Emma Baldwin from Gloucestershire has contacted travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell for help after the honeymoon at the Club Portinatx Hotel turned into a horrific ordeal.

The bride travelled to the hotel with husband Daniel and their 11 month-old son. However instead of enjoying a relaxing holiday, Mrs Baldwin suffered severe sickness, stomach cramps and dehydration and had to spend time in hospital.

Emma said: "We were supposed to be celebrating our honeymoon, but instead I was carted off to hospital.  I was terrified. We couldn’t do anything together as a family like we had planned and Daniel was left to entertain our son, constantly worried that they too would fall ill because of the conditions at the hotel."

Mrs Baldwin also reported food being served virtually cold, dirty cutlery and a shower curtain in her room that appeared to have vomit on it.

She added: “I can’t understand why Thomas Cook would send us there; don’t they have a responsibility to make sure that the hotels they work with are safe? It is a time of our lives that we will never get back and I want answers and assurance that action will be taken so that no one else should suffer the way we have. 

“Not only did my illness ruin my honeymoon but I was also terrified for my son.  He is so little and I couldn’t stand the thought that he might get poorly too, as my symptoms were so severe, I couldn’t imagine how his body would have coped.”

David Sumner, a travel lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, is representing the Baldwins. He said: “To spend what should be the best time of your life in a hospital bed because a hotel has let you down must have been utterly heart-breaking for Emma and her husband but to spend the duration of your holiday in fear for your baby’s health because of substandard hygiene conditions is completely unacceptable.

“Tour operators have a responsibility to make sure their clients go to hotels that are safe and that no holidaymaker’s health is put at risk.  Year after year we are contacted by holidaymakers who put their trust in their travel company and are let down and it is simply unacceptable. We hope that all tour operators learn lessons from cases such as this to prevent further unnecessary distress in the future.”