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Couple Taken Ill Onboard Jewel Of The Seas Cruise Liner

Cruise Ship Illness Outbreak


John and Christine Stevens are among a group of passengers affected by a gastric illness outbreak on the Jewel of the Seas cruise liner.

The couple’s cruise around the Baltic was ruined when John contracted a bug that left him with stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Since returning to the UK the Suffolk couple have instructed travel law experts at Irwin Mitchell to investigate a compensation claim on their behalf. The couple say that other passengers on the ship were affected and that an announcement onboard the ship confirmed an illness outbreak.

Mr Stevens visited the ship’s surgery but was dissatisfied with the level of care. He said: “With so many people concerned for their health the queue at the surgery was very long and once you did get to see the doctor people were being seen three at a time and I was just fobbed off with Imodium.

“I spent most of my time confined to my room and reliant on room service, which was of very poor quality. We were unable to obtain food and drink during our confinement in spite of several phone calls to room service and one to Passenger Relations.  It was definitely a holiday we will always remember, but for all the wrong reasons."

Amrita Sidhu of Irwin Mitchell is representing the couple. She said: “Illness outbreaks on holiday are always horrendous but they can be even more horrific when you are confined to a cruise ship.

“We are contacted by hundreds of holidaymakers every year whose cruises were ruined by illness. We would urge the ship’s owners Royal Caribbean to ensure that no other passengers have to suffer in the way Mr and Mrs Stevens have.”