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British Motorcyclist Receives Compensation Following Accident In France

Man Injured By Hit And Run Driver


A motorcyclist from Jersey has been awarded a six-figure compensation settlement after suffering serious injuries in a road traffic accident in France.

Mark Taylor was riding in convoy with eleven friends in Brittany at the time of the accident. Two cars travelling on the opposite carriageway turned across his path and as Mr Taylor moved to avoid the first he was hit by the second.

The motorcyclist was thrown into a ditch 100 yards along the road and sustained serious injuries to his leg. The driver of the first car left the scene and police were unable to find him.

Five years on from the accident, Mr Taylor is still receiving treatment for his injuries. When he arrived at the hospital he was told he would never walk again. Mr Taylor can now walk unaided but suffers constant pain in his knee and can only walk short distances.

Specialist travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell helped Mr Taylor recover compensation. He spent six months in hospital and has undergone 18 operations.

Mr Taylor issued a warning to other motorcyclists planning trips abroad over the coming months: “I never had a road traffic accident before and always put my safety first but, in a second, my life changed because of another motorist’s actions. I’d urge anyone else riding abroad this summer or in the future, whether it’s in France or anywhere else, to be even more careful. I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what I’m still going through now.”

Laetitia Fouquet of Irwin Mitchell’s renowned travel law team said: “The injuries he suffered were very serious indeed and, like many of the people we represent who have suffered an injury abroad, he will continue to suffer from the after-effects of this incident for the rest of his life.

“Mr Taylor was not at fault in any way but he ended up paying a very high price while the driver responsible drove away. It does highlight the potential dangers to all tourists in driving or biking abroad.

“We’re delighted to have secured a settlement for him for the pain and suffering he’s endured to date and for the incapacity he’ll continue to suffer, as well as allowing him to pay for his treatment as he continues to recover from his injuries. It may also be possible for Mr Taylor to seek further compensation if his condition unexpectedly deteriorates and for instance if he needs additional unforeseen medical treatment."