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Cancer Screening Errors Reach 19

18 women misdiagnosed by radiologist


A Lancashire hospital has now wrongly given the all-clear for breast cancer to 19 women, it has been revealed.

In September it emerged that Accrington Victoria Community Hospital wrongly gave the all-clear to 18 women who had been misdiagnosed by a radiologist at the hospital.

But, the BBC has now revealed a 19th women, Susan Gilmore from Earby in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, had to be called back after being misdiagnosed by the same radiologist.

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust has admitted she is the 19th woman who was misdiagnosed and has apologised, the BBC said.

Mrs Gilmore was given the all-clear at the hospital in 2002 and 2005, outside of the period under review.

However, after being recalled to a different consultant in December 2008, she found out she had the disease and later had a mastectomy.

Internal monitoring in the screening service, which led to an independent investigation, revealed the original blunder.

The radiologist involved last screened patients in December 2008 and has been suspended since April 2009.

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Georgina Sheldon from law firm Irwin Mitchell said: “Delayed diagnosis of cancer can have a significant impact on treatment, extent of surgery required and prognosis for the future. It is disappointing that one person has been able to repeatedly make the same mistake and clearly it must be very distressing for the women involved. It is of particular concern that the 19th woman to be misdiagnosed has only now been identified, but it is hoped that all 19 women might gain some reassurance in knowing that the individual concerned has now been suspended."

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