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Workplace Injury Research ‘Highlights Reality Of Claims’

Expert States Study Is Cause For Concern


A top injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell has revealed concerns over new research which sheds light on the low number of people who choose to make claims after being hurt at work.

Figures from the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers revealed that 25 per cent of people polled said they would not make a claim against an employer if they were injured in the workplace due to faulty or unsuitable equipment.

While 120,000 injuries at work have been reported in the last 12 months, the research suggests that a number of people may have chosen to shy away from considering action.

Commenting on the findings, David Urpeth, national head of workplace injuries at Irwin Mitchell, said: “There are many reasons why people choose not to claim, including perceived loyalty to their employer, as well as fear for their job or simply no appetite to claim.

“It is vital employers improve health and safety standards to improve worker safety. Also, when an accident does take place, the victim should be able to access quality legal advice and representation to secure much needed funds to facilitate their recovery.”

“Businesses have a duty to protect their staff and, if they fail to do so, it is fair for action to be taken.”